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  • Caltrain rejected for grant: Silver lining?

    Caltrain rejected for grant: Silver lining?0

    Caltrain is a passenger rail service stretching from Santa Clara county to downtown San Francisco, specifically the 4th and King station near the baseball field, not the Transbay Terminal. The Caltrain organization was in line to receive $647 million dollars to help pay for a $2 billion-dollar electrification project. Unfortunately, it was caught in theREAD MORE
  • Funding Hurdles on Bullet train:  Editorial on Governor Brown’s actions

    Funding Hurdles on Bullet train: Editorial on Governor Brown’s actions0

    Prop 1A state bond funds for high-speed rail construction were originally set at $9 billion and now they have approximately $8 billion left after deducting for administrative expenses and planning.   The Rail Authority is  currently blocked from spending any bond funds on construction since the Authority has not fulfilled the requirements of Prop 1A,READ MORE
  • CA Legislators’ Art of Making Sausage: Bill AB1889

    CA Legislators’ Art of Making Sausage: Bill AB18890

    The art of making of sausage: The questionable way California’s Legislators move bills forward Late last month the California Senate Transportation and Housing committee approved Bill AB1889 clearing the way for it to move forward, next to the Appropriations committee for approval before the bill travels to the Legislature for a vote that would change PropREAD MORE
  • Show me the money CHSRA0

    A race to spend the money, not to build a High-Speed Rail System. The latest news is other than the remaining federal funds, the primary source of “continuous revenue” was to come from cap-and-trade auction proceeds. The Authority was warned of the many dangers of relying on these funds and those fears have come homeREAD MORE