Additional Articles

For an additional perspective, we are providing links to additional articles written about California’s High Speed Rail:

04/13/16 – Independent Institute, “California’s High-Speed Rail Authority Wins Dishonor of the California Golden Fleece Award” By Lawrence J. McQuillan

04/12/16 – Los Angeles Times, “San Fernando Valley residents sound off on proposed bullet train routes” By Ralph Vartabedian

04/11/16 – Orange County Register, “Opinion: Bullet train still on track to go almost nowhere” By Orange County Register Editorial

04/10/16 – NBC LA “News Conference” Conan Nolan interviews CHSRA Chairman Dan Richard about the revised routes of High Speed Rail.

04/08/16 – Los Angeles Times, “State releases new details on possible bullet train routes” By Ralph Vartabedian

03/28/16 – Los Angeles Times, “What’s ahead for bullet train funding? Hearing outlines the many risks” By Ralph Vartabedian

03/28/16 – Los Angeles Daily News, “Opinion – Light rail doing fine; not so for bullet train” By Thomas D. Elias

03/28/16 – Los Angeles Times, “Changes could add hundreds of millions of dollars to first 29 miles of bullet train” By Ralph Vartabedian

03/27/16 – The Economist, “Taxpayers could pay dearly for California’s high-speed-train dreams”

03/28/16 – Los Angeles Times, “Doubts about bullet train rising in Southern California” By Ralph Vartabedian

03/21/16 –, “Bullet-train route change doesn’t win over many” By Chris Reed

03/18/16 – Forbes, “California’s High Speed Rail System Just Isn’t Economic: Kill It, Kill It Now” By Tim Worstall

03/18/16 – Los Angeles Times, “State has funds to build first segment of bullet train, legislative analyst finds” By Ralph Vartabedian

03/17/16 – Los Angeles Times, “State revises proposed bullet train routes, but San Fernando Valley communities remain skeptical” By Ralph Vartabedian

03/17/16 – NBC Los Angeles, “SoCal High Speed Rail Route Change Has Neighbors Upset” Reported by Conan Nolan and Dennis Lahti

03/17/16 – Los Angeles Daily News, “Valley residents give proposed new bullet train routes mixed reviews” By Dana Bartholomew

03/12/16 – Orange County Register, “OPINION: Taxpayers need to derail bullet-train debacle” By Adrian Moore

03/04/16 – Los Angeles Times, “New bullet train plan delays opening of the first leg by three years” By Ralph Vartabedian

02/26/16 – Silcon Valley Business Journal, “Explained: Why do cost and completion estimates fluctuate so wildly for high-speed rail?” By Jody Meecham

02/23/16 – Wired Magazine, “Naysayers Force California’s Bullet Train to Change Tack” By Nick Stockton

02/23/16 –, “Bullet train plan counting on new federal funding” By Chris Reed

02/21/16 – The Bakersfield Californian, “Now it’s really a train to nowhere” By The Bakersfield Californian

02/21/16 – The Sacramento Bee, “Editorial: High-speed rail detour is smart, if tricky politically” By The Sacramento Bee Editorial Board

02/20/16 – The Sacramento Bee, “Editorial: Big issues still dog fast train” By Dan Walters

02/19/16 – Orange County Register, “OPINION: Bullet train an ever-shifting mirage” By Orange County Register Editorial

02/19/16 – San Jose Mercury News, “Mercury News editorial: High-speed rail still a boondoggle, even if supposedly coming to San Jose” By Mercury News Editorial

02/19/16 – Contra Costa Times, “Oakland Tribune editorial: HSR embarks on another trip to Fantasyland” By Oakland Tribune Editorial

02/18/16 – Los Angeles Times, “Change in bullet train construction plans will delay rail line’s arrival in Southern California” By Dan Weikel and Ralph Vartabedian

02/16/16 – Los Angeles Times, “Cost of California bullet train’s Central Valley leg projected to grow by $260 million” By Ralph Vartabedian

02/16/16 – Hoodlike, “Planning Unveils Initial Study On Rerouting Rail Lines, Razing Portion Of I-280”

02/16/16 – The Fresno Bee, “Risks rising for cost increases on high-speed rail construction” By Tim Sheehan

02/15/16 – Los Angeles Times, “Proposal would shift bullet train funding for use on new water projects” By Ralph Vartabedian

02/07/16 – Orange County Register, “OPINION: Bullet-train foes railroaded at legislative hearing” By Orange County Register Editorial

01/28/16 – Los Angeles Times, “Bullet train may take longer to build but cost less than originally estimated, official says” By Ralph Vartabedian

01/26/16 – Business Insider, “California’s high-speed rail project is in big trouble” By William Fierman

01/23/16 – Los Angeles Times, “Bullet train’s first segment, reserved for Southland, could open in Bay Area instead” By Ralph Vartabedian

12/09/15 – Los Angeles Times, “California Democrat withdraws support for the high-speed rail project” By Ralph Vartabedian

12/03/15 – Los Angeles Daily News, “Northeast Valley residents still ballistic over bullet train routes” By Dana Bartholomew

11/3/15 – The Los Angeles Times, “At lawmakers’ urging, agency reveals report on growing bullet train costs” By Ralph Vartabedian

11/3/15 – Los Angeles Daily News, “Editorial: Bullet train tries to roll past bad news” By The Editorial Board, LA Daily News

10/24/15 – The Los Angeles Times, “Special Report: $68-billion California bullet train project likely to overshoot budget and deadline targets” By Ralph Vartabedian

10/23/15 – The Orange County Register, “Opinion – Private money running from bullet train” By Orange County Editorial

10/23/15 –, “A Bullet Train Into a Fiscal Swamp? – The more you look at the California high-speed rail project’s finances, the shakier they seem.” By Charles Chieppo

10/21/15 – Sacramento Business Journal, “Siemens raises questions about financial underpinnings of high-speed rail” By Allen Young

10/14/15 – Palo Alto Online, “Palo Alto blasts high-speed rail project for moving too fast” By Gennady Sheyner

10/08/15 – The Los Angeles Times, “California bullet train project is attracting interest — but not funding” By Ralph Vartabedian

08/29/15 – San Diego Union-Tribune, “High-speed rail project: Dead train walking?” By San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board

08/09/15 – Los Angeles Times, “Grand jury report critical of Kings County’s suits against bullet train draws fire” By Ralph Vartabedian

07/30/15 – Los Angeles Daily News, “On bullet train, voters finally may get to apply the brakes: Susan Shelley” By Susan Shelley

07/29/15 –, “A rural town hates the coming of high-speed trains” By Jeff Tyler