Special Documents

Please feel free to read/download the following documents:

Letters regarding CHSRA 2016 Draft Business Plan

"Letter to CHSRA regarding the 2016 Draft Business Plan", April 18, 2016, by Kathy Hamilton

"Joint Comments on Draft 2016 Business Plan", April 18, 2016, by Jason Holder, Holder Law Group

"Another California High Speed Rail Authority Glossy Marketing Document Portrayed As The 2016 Business Plan", April 12, 2016, by William Grindley

"Analysis of California High Speed Rail Authority’s Ridership/Revenue and Projected Cash Flow, Draft 2016 Business Plan and Technical Supporting Document", April 4, 2016, by Cindy Bloom

"Comments on the Authority’s Draft 2016 Business Plan", March 25, 2016, by Mark R. Powell

Documents regarding California High Speed Rail and CHSRA

"Correspondence between Deputy Secretary of Transportation Victor Mendez and CHSRA’s CEO Jeff Morales regarding the need to spend all of the ARRA funding before it expires on 9-30-2017", dated Feb. 26, 2016 from Deputy Secretary Mendez and dated March 2, 2016 from Mr. Morales

"Hamilton request to CHSRA for year end (2015) Funding Contribution Plan", dated March 17, 2016

"Report on Tutor Perini (TPC)", dated March 17, 2016 by GlassHouse Research

"Pushing Back on the CHSRA Myths about High Speed Rail", Oct. 30, 2015, by Mark R. Powell

"Fresno to Bakersfield Section Regional Consultant’s Jan. 2014 Monthly Progress Report" Letter, May 5, 2014 to Diana Gomez, PE, Central Valley Regional Manager from Kenzie Gordon – URS/HMM/Arup Joint Venture, May 5, 2014

"Jeff Morales Letter to Senator Fran Pavley regarding Cap & Trade Funds", June 2014

"Federal Railroad Assoc. – CHSRA Update Status Briefing", March 2016

Federal Railroad Assoc. – California High Speed Rail “Grant Update & Status Briefing”, January 2016

California High Speed Rail – Draft 2016 Business Plan – Feb. 18, 2016

Federal Railroad Assoc. – California High Speed Rail “Grant Update & Status Briefing”, November 2015